BF4 freezes or blue screen HELP!!!!

well im sure uve all seen a thread like this before ... my specs are
8gb crucial ballistix
r9 270x 4gb
asus m5a97 r.20
on ultra according to fraps i run at 50-60 fps
so the problem being in campaign the game jus locks up and stops it happened to me once the other day in multiplayer but not since but does it frequently in campaign it will either freeze and make me kill it in task manager before i can do anything or it will jus blue screen !!!! gpu is overclocked a lil bit from 1070mhz to 1100 mhz but like i say only in campaign mode please help !
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    First off: remove the OC. Does the problem go away?
  2. hmm well it would seem its the oc causes problems but i cant see how it is seriously not able to do another 30mhz without goin wrong i had a r7 250 before this and oc'ed that nearly 100mhz ?????
  3. Depends on the specific chip.

    Remove the OC: Does the problem go away?
  4. yes it does go away with the oc on the what would actually cause it to crash or blue screen is it because of temps ?
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