Best Upgrade for my current rig?

Ok here is a rundown of what I currently have and what I am looking to do with this setup. I am looking to do a fairly low cost upgrade, but I could upgrade almost anything in my setup.
My question is what is going to be the best bang for my buck without replacing everything?

I3 3.1 sandy lga 1155
Zotac Geforce gtx 650 ti
Asrock H75m-itx
GSkill 8 gb ddr3 1333
128gb samsung ssd
2tb seagete hdd
Fractal core 1000

Games I currently play:
AC 4 Black Flag
Civ 5

I am looking at possibly a sandy bridge i5, or should I go for better cooling, or more ram... I am working on a fairly limited budget but a couple of games I am looking at including AC4 say I should have a quad core cpu.

Would dropping an I5 in be good or should I stick with an I3 and use the money for a better video card? Which would be more effective?
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  1. i5 and a better card like the 760 if you have the money
  2. which would you do first? I currently don't have the cash to lay down for both at the moment.

    Better to do the video card or step up to the i5 and keep on playing?
  3. Best answer
    i5 first , your current processor will bottleneck the 760
    I'd get the i5-3570 because it supports your current mobo socket and won't bottleneck any videocard .
  4. thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for. Didnt want to throw the money at a video card only to have it choked by my cpu.
  5. No worry , mind selecting a best answer ?

    $20 more than the i5, but you get hyperthreading, which will be of some help. It's pretty much on par with the i7 3770. Then depending on budget, a gtx 760 or if you think you can swing it, a gtx 770, and you'll rock AC4.
  7. Yeah I completly forgot the Xeon's
    Better go for a xeon if you have the money rather than i5's
    They're basically non overclockable i7's
  8. I would have never thought of the xeon I was completely consumed by the i5 and i7.
    The on board video is not a big deal to me either, and heck 20 bucks is no biggie if I am already spending over $180
    Thanks again!
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