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I'm trying to setup my storage for gaming and wanted some advice. Currently I have a 1tb HDD with everything on it. I've recently received 2 SSD's (64gb and 128gb) and was looking at picking up a 240gb Crucial m500. I mainly play steam games and stream what I play on twitch. I do light video editing with adobe.

My thoughts are to use either the 64gb or the 128gb as a dedicated OS and program files, and the 240gb for games, and the 1tb for large media files and standard data. Is this logical? If so how would I go about it? If there is a better setup please feel free to recommend as I'm a noob when it comes to this.

Other info on my build:
- i7 4770
-2x HD 7870 in CrossfireX
-750w Corsair PSU
-Maximus VI Formula

Thank you!
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  1. 128GB for OS and applications
    64GB for one or two games, or working files location
    1TB for everything else.
  2. I would say use the 128 for your system drive. Then install the other two and you can tell steam (or any other service) to install all your games on the 256 SSD and then use your TB drive to move all your big files onto.
  3. depends on how much applications you want to install. some people find it a pain to point the installation directory to another ssd everytime(because the default is OS ssd). this is no problem with steam games but i can see why some say this for applications(i got used to it). i'd say 64 for OS and most used application, 128 for working files/ some games, 240 for games. if you do want to keep os and apps together you should go with the 128 for os as said above.
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    The 128 shud hold the OS and cupla games..... few more on the 64 GB

    Here's three different scenarios which you can take from them what you will

    1. Main Desktop.

    I have OS, apps and 2 games on a 128 GB Samsung Pro
    I have alternate boot OS, few games on a 2nd 128 GB Samsung Pro (originally were in RAID 0, since abandoned)
    I have 2 2TB Hybrid Seagate SSHDs (1 for data, one for backups) and have the 1 of the games from the 1st SSD on the 1st SSHD also.

    Launching the game and getting to the point with all windows open and having mouse control of toon takes the exact same time tot he tenth of a second.

    2. Son No. 3's desktop.

    With dual boot options....launching Win 7 takes 15.6 seconds on the SSD, and 21.2 seconds off the HD

    3. Personal Lappie

    Samsung Pro 128 GB + 7200 rpm HD boots just under 1 second faster than the same laptop with a 7200 rpm SSHD. Need stop watch to notice tho.

    In short, the SSDs biggest benefit is in booting the OS. Game load times are generally faster on the SSD, will need a stopwatch to tell if it's a decent HD, but the effect is often negated by the online login process. At today's prices, it's hard to argue against having one .... if you get one big enough that you are not shuffling things back and forth, but other than benchmarks and as noted above, don't expect anything to knock ya socks off.
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