Asus GTX 770 low performance or is it normal???? HELP!!!

I bought yesterdary an Asus GTX 770 OC 2gb, and ive been benchmarking/testing my rig, but i have the feeling that something is not right, i tested for example Max Payne 3 (steam), all settings FULL (max antialiasing) at 1080p i get like 23/30fps average (with fraps), Tomb Raider (steam) at full is the same, 30fps max (V-sync OFF). I dont know if this is normal, but i was expecting more frames per second, i used to have an r9 270 and it has by now the same performance than a "premium" card :(

Is this normal???

This is my rig:

- i7 2600k (not OC)
- 8gb corsair vengeance 1866hz
- windows 8.1 64 bits
- asus p8z77v -lx
- ssd adata sx900 256gb
- seagate hdd 1TB (i have all games in this drive)
- PSU cooolermaster silent pro 700W
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  1. What monitor do you use?
  2. Did you make sure to completely uninstall the r9 270 drivers before installing your gtx 770? Did you update/install the most recent drivers for the gtx 770?
  3. some of the antialiasing technology is just extreme fps hogs at full settings, try games without it.
  4. Plush is right. No card is capable of running very many of today's games with AA fully maxed out. Try 2x or 4X at max. That should boost your frame rate substantially.

    Here's a look at a 780, and a 290 with 16X AA the 780 is running ~49 fps.
  5. Im using an lg led hdtv vía hdmi.. It has 120hz (but im in game mode). I did unninstall all ati drivers with a driver remover (ddu) but the low fps persist. In tomb raider with low AA i get 55fps... Is that normal?
  6. Do you guys think its my psu bootlenecking my video card??
  7. watt usage is about 300watt max in your rig, psu is at peak efficiently at about 50% load, so your golden
  8. Ok im gonna do a windows reinstall tonight, hope this fix the problem :/
  9. Guys is this normal? I reinstalled my pc, did all updates, no conflicts at all, no antivirus or firewall on, and i OC my cpu to 4.4 ghz (asus auto tuning).
  10. 42 seems a bit low, anyone confirm? you should be at 60 something i bet.
  11. that's normal. the evga official benchmark for the 770 was lower than that.

    EDIT: most people who have OCed get about 55 though
  12. Oh geez. :/. What should i do??
  13. have you OCed your gpu at all?
  14. i have down clocked my 780 and get 70fps should not he get 65 or something?
  15. not on x4. i sure don't anyway.
  16. Yes my gpu its OC. Just a little, but it is OC. Geez, im starting to think that the card esa a bad idea :/ i was expecting a little but more of performance from asus and an 770
  17. the benchmarks are out there.

    How much more than the benchmarks did you expect?

    your gaming rates are way off though. idk why that is.
  18. So my rates aré bad :/ i dont know what else to do man. Im gona sell it and buy an Xbox one LOL
  19. il give you $200 for it :P
  20. Man how is people geting 120fps on X games while i cant even pass 60fps in certain titles? How do they do 120fps?? O.o
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