What tape is safe and heat resistant to place over a motherboard?

The title says the question. I am trying to get a black flap that used to be sticky to stick back, which was covering up a small piece of the motherboard, hiding electrical components underneath.

Since it won't stick, what options do I have to get it to stick back?

Is there a type of tape that's safe to place over a motherboard that gets hot?
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  1. Why? And can you post a pic of what you're trying to do?

    Tape over something may screw up the cooling properties.
  2. I am currently not at my office with the system, but the tape flap I am referring to is something like this:

    The black tape piece in this picture. That piece of tape covers up a certain portion of the motherboard, hiding typical PCB electronics underneath. This will no longer stay to the motherboard as its stickiness has lost its ability to stick after first removal.

    I was wondering if there was tape that is safe enough to use to attach this back to the motherboard? Or if I can use a screw to hold it down?

    Is there a safe tape to use for PCB? This area is not close to the CPU or GPU area by any means. So it wouldn't get that hot.
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