Medion laptop LED light issues, also how do i enter the medion bios?

Hi, so I got a new laptop today, a Medion Erazer X6825.

Great laptop, except for 1 little problem. There are 5 LED-lights under the touchpad. 1 For wifi, bluetooth, battery and 2 others.

However, they keep flashing. Every, freaking, second. And they're bright and very noticable too. The bluetooth and wifi ones won't even go on, and yet the battery one and this other 1 will just keep flashing, extremely annoying.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Also, I have no idea how the reach the bios on a Medion laptop on windows 8. Since it's an SSD it pretty much boots instantly and all the things that I found on google ( tap del / f1 / f2 alot ) doesn't work.
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  1. Some Medions use F2, other you have to CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + INS.

    Others have had success with ..

    With F11 (instead of "Del") you get at boot time in the atrium one secret extended BIOS.

    It appears to be a password window in which "am8888egh" is entered (without quotes).

    Press Enter (The asterisks remain)

    Now following key combination must be made quickly: Ctrl + Alt + Power button (Yes you read right ... the power button on the PC). Please press all 3 buttons at exactly the same, otherwise it will not work.

    Tada .... You are in the extended BIOS: Overclocking, Advanced Chipset features, ... etc. Everything That which Medion not wanna know where your playing around on it is now open.

    How accurate no idea, they are rebadged MSI laptops and people have also flashed standard firmware on them.
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