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2 identical machines - Budget Scaleable

Last response: in Systems
May 6, 2014 2:41:13 PM

Back Story

I have 2 lads one 7 one 8 , bought the 8 year old a amd a6 laptop for his 9th birthday ( this friday ) My 7yr old then says we wants to swap his wii u for my laptop, so I swapped him and sold it to save up for a gaming rig, ( a Dv6 1215sa no prior issues ) Watching him play gmod ( allways supervised and only between us 3 ) with his brother and pop it goes off ( long story short ... it's f*****). So the 300 gbp I have saved towards my gaming rig now gets diveded.

The Plan - A basis to build up from

2 x Intel G3220
2 x GA-H81M-D2V
2 x AriaNet case 500w
2 x 64GB SSD
2 x 4gb Crucial 1600mhz C9 ( question \/ )
2 x keyboard and mouse

374.26 delivered /2 187.13

Question .... Can a the system temporary run on one stick each... I believe so but I havn't built a PC in a few years .. looks like i'll be making a come back ( watch this space ... lol I used to build some crazzy stuff )

Don't want to spend too much this year gpu and psu , believe the end of 2015 will be time to start spending serious money.

PS..... don't need lots of power yet new games don't impress me much i'll upgrade when DooM , UT4 or HL3 is out

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Best solution

May 6, 2014 3:49:15 PM

Another option you can look at is the AMD A8 and A10 APUs (GPU + CPU). They seem to be pretty good for their price. For the ram you could easily buy a 2x4 gb set and split them up. In the future if you buy another 2x4 gb set to get them up to 8 gb each, the best option would be to put the new set in one computer and then put the old set back together since the ram stick pairs are tested with each other. Another thing to consider is that the cpus with integrated graphics benefit a lot from higher speed ram so if you can find 1866 or 2133 mhz ram for a similar price that would be even better.