Is my system overclocking?

So i'm not well knowledged in computer but i have a Asus P7P55D-E and am unsure if its set to auto OC my main concern is because the fans are working rapid and making quite a noise.

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  1. no your CPU is not set to be OCed. If your CPU fan is louder than usual I suggest starting with a good old fashioned cleaning with a can or two of compressed air.

    also use a hardware monitor to check the temps of your CPU to be sure it is not overheating.
  2. its a new cpu cooler im trying to calm the exhaust fan its going crazy fast
  3. Both CPU fans are spinning close enough to each other for them to have issues. So I can only think that you are revering to a Case fan and the exhaust fan is mounted on the back of the case. I see the fans all seem to be around the same for case fans.

    I guess I'm just having a hard time understanding exactly which fan is giving you the trouble. Could you explain a little better?
  4. To be honest i dont understand these reading it says i have 2 cpu fans but i only have one i have the coolermaster tx3 evo and it is that fan that is producing so much noise
  5. I only have 4 fans in total 2 intake at front, 1 on cpu cooler and 1 exhaust
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    Since your using speed fan, it begs the question of, is speed fan controlling the CPU fan? also did you install the Motherboard software that can control fans?
    your CPU fan is running full blast. I'm not sure what the setting name is for Intel but there is a setting the turns PWM off for the fan. AMD is called cool and quiet. also be sure you hooked teh fan to the CPU_fan header on the motherboard.
  7. Went into the bios and found the Q-fan feature and turned the mode on and individually turned each fan from "Turbo" to "silent" new readings:

  8. There you go... All is fixed :) glad I could help you figure it out. Have fun
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