Simulate weaker machines (under clocking / throttling)

I will soon have 5 workstations in my home office, and need to take power / heat into consideration when building the boxes. All of the machines I am looking at are less powerful than my main machine. Is there a way to under-clock / throttle or otherwise simulate the lower computing power of these machines (even a decent approximation would be adequate for my purposes.) I plan on just opening up and using some applications to see how they feel.

Update: I am more looking for a way to control the GPU and CPU horsepower separately. I will try to get them to a similar level as whatever the benchmarks say they should be, then test my target applications.
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  1. lower the cpu multiplier (may not be possible in prebuilt systems like HP, Dell...)
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    Realtemp has a feature in the settings called "clock modulation". It seems to let you alter the clock speed (via the multiplier) in 12.5% jumps (so 100%, 87.5%, 75% etc) in real time. It may help you get a rough estimation.
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