Unique Problem: 64GB Flashdrive with TRUECRYPT on it now "The Volume does not contain a recognized file system"

Hello, I need some help with a very serious problem. I used TRUECRYPT on a 64GB flashdrive and put some VERY important information on it. Normally, everything worked fine where I would start TRUECRYPT, input the drive password to mount the encrypted drive, and access it using WIn7 explorer. The other day I get "H:/ not accessible. The volume does not contain a recognized file system." This is obviously an issue, and before I take it to some data recovery pros I figured I would try Tom's. This does not seem to be a TRUECRYPT issue, as it WILL show the drive on Win7, but it NO LONGER will show the partition information and any program I have used to take a look at the drive comes up empty.

Please, any help would be appreciated. I cannot stress how worried I am about this.

Thank you.
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  1. The drive might have just went crap. Is it a name brand or some cheap one? The cheap ones tend to die a lot.

    Go buy another and restore the important information , sorry VERY, from a backup. You did backup this VERY important information didn't you?
  2. Important files Always need to have backups.
    Its very unlikely you (or anyone) will recover anything from an encrypted drive, thats the whole point of encrypting it.
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    Unlikely that data can be retrieved from a dead/dying flashdrive.
    Far less likely that data can be retrieved from a TrueCrypt volume, on a dead/dying flashdrive.
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