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Alright I know this is probably a stupid question but please bare with me, I'm new to building pc's and this is my first try.

I've been having problems with my new build (freezing, BSOD) and I've been trying a lot of stuff to try and fix the problem. Well today I decided I was going to do a clean install of windows but I think I may have screwed it up.

I thought I had cleaned the drive before I started, but when I was at the screen to select a drive to install windows onto, it said 232gb free when it is a 250gb ssd. Now I'm just trying to figure out if I didn't take windows off and I just installed it twice.

There's no option to select an os when the computer boots up, which would apparently indicate that I did this, so idk if that's maybe just the way it's supposed to be, or I totally effd things up even more.

My Build
Intel i5 4670k(stock cooler for now)
MSI Z87-GD65
Corsair CX750m
Corsair carbide 200r
Crucial Ballistix sport ddr3-1600 cl9
Samsung 840-evo 250gb ssd
EVGA Nvidia GTX 660
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    A 250 GB drive only has about 232GB formatted.
  2. I suggest formatting the drive and starting with a fresh SSD if you have an extra PC to do it with, but keep in mind that any kind of memory, SSD, HDD or even a Flash Drive will never have the same amount of memory as advertised and as the capacities go up more space is lost.
  3. Quote:
    it said 232gb free when it is a 250gb ssd

    Yes, that's the way it is supposed to be.
  4. I don't know much about ssd.. but on a standard disk hard drive its rounded up like a 500gb drive will show something like 475gb so it may be the same thing with the ssd.
  5. Thank you for alleviating my concerns, I was getting worried for a second lol.

    But yeah, I'm not gonna have another SSD for a month or so, but I am gonna have a couple 1tb WD HDD's as of this weekend, so if I still have problems after this reinstall I'm gonna pull the SSD out and try installing windows on one of the HDDs and see if there's still any problems while it's running on that drive instead of the SSD.

    I'm guessing if I still have problems after that it must be the MOBO (considering I've changed every cable once, and the RAM and the error code I get from the Blue Screens is a memory one.)
  6. when you install windows don't preinstall any drivers from off the driver disk. just let windows fully install on its own also leave your bios at optimized default settings except your hard drive just set them up as there need to be [ide/sata- boot order]
  7. Honestly I think it may have been a problem with the USB version of windows my friend used to install it on here. We had a bunch of problems with freezing and stuff during updates and install.

    So I just did it with a disc that I bought from a store and had 0 problems during the initial instillation and the instillation of the updates.

    So I'm hoping that that was the problem and now I'll be running ok, but I'll let you guys know if it still blue screens.
  8. When I say USB version I mean it was all the files downloaded onto a USB drive and he used that to put it on my pc.
  9. looks like a lot of that usb windows issues here at toms I know to just buy the retail/oem disk just because its Microsoft and there funny business with activation. and then theres no guarantee that they will say its genuine, just a way better chance.
  10. Yeah I've had it running since the reinstall yesterday, about 24 hours and no problems so far.

    I've played skyrim for 4 of those hours after I downloaded it which is the most I've been able to play since I put this thing together.

    So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the usb download was the problem, and now it's finally fixed.
  11. well good for you
  12. The SSD was bad. Could've got an exact replacement but I just went ahead and got a WD Blue HDD, and it's been working awesome.

    Might get another SSD at some point but I'm a little weary now.
  13. well I'm glad your now going ...good luck
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