Is it worth it to trade my Powercolor Turboduo 7790 for an Evga gtx 570 SC?

i have a powercolor turbo duo 7790 that is 3 months old, is it worth it to swap to gtx 570 SC? i have doubts 'cause i think the cards too old, or am i wrong? thank you so much!
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  1. the 570 is quite a bit faster than the 7790 but why do "they" want to trade down for the 7790. i would be wondering that there is something wrong with the 570.
  2. is it faster substantially?

    the deal is i will swap my vga plus about 45 dollars (cause i live in the Philippines) to his 570. He said he is willing to sell the 570 since he desperately needed cash for his tuition as he spent it. hehe.

    do you think it's a good deal?
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    yes the 570 is much faster, roughly 30% faster. but your talking about a used card with miles on it. not sure how far hes tried to overclock it or run it at dangerously high overclocks. the 570 came with 1.25gb or 2.5gb of vram while your 7790 comes in 1gb or 2gb. also the 570 consumes much more power and without knowing what your system specs are, more precisely what model power supply, its hard to tell.
  4. my system specs is:
    CPU: Core i5- 4440
    Mobo: ECS H87H3-M DELUXE
    PSU: Corsair VS 550
    RAM: 1x4 GB Kingston HyperX
    GPU: PowerColor 7790 TurboDuo OC

    can i accommodate the 570?
  5. yes you can run the 570
  6. Thankyou sir!
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