I have a Dell XPS 420 with Vista, handed down to me, how to reset to factory default? Normal way not working.

I tried F8 then Fix computer then when it loads, it just loads the OS not the screen that is supposed to show up with stuff like system restore and reset to factory default.
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  1. Thanks but the directions are either confusing or I'm not seeing the option
  2. Go to control panel, and look for system restore.
  3. I'm not that stupid... In the directions it says a 3rd hidden option, don't see it... forget it, I followed a "trick" on youtube and now the damn computer wont even start up cause it says the partition I have doesn't have the OS on it...
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    Contact Dell for a restore disk for your model, you can use that to re-install the OS. Or try a Vista OEM disk if you have one and use the code printer on the computer. If the system was re-built with the restore partition deleted (which happens when someone does a fully clean build with their own disks), and there was no backup done of the system, the only way to re-install the operating system is with a operating system disk.
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