HDD fails to be recognised by TV and PCs in USB 2.0 after large file transfer across USB 3.0

I cant find the model listed but i can send you a photo of the underside of the HDD to show the details.

HDD fails to be recognised by TV and computers in USB 2.0 after large file transfer.

HDD worked fine on TV until I used it to transfer 350GB via USB 3.0. It was transferring fine until it disconnected itself after about 150GB, and then constantly tried to reconnect and disconnect. HDD was hot to the touch where the transfer cord is located, but HDD was positioned in a well ventilated manner. After disconnecting, and letting cool, I tried again to connect and transfer, and while it worked and transferred for about a minute (meaning files were still accessible not completely fried), same issue occurred. I tried moving to other 3.0 ports and then to 2.0 ports, where the white indicator light remains on, but drive is not recognised by the PC. I tried again on the TV the next day and now that also doesnt work, showing a solid white light on indicator, not flashing to indicate that it is working.

Please advice me of my next steps.
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  1. it broke... RMA or replace it...

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