Customer PC Issue. PSU, MOBO, or CPU

I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with the custom PC I built. I can't determine whether there's an issue with my mobo, PSU, or CPU. More often than not I will have to attempt a power drain process (turning the PC off, unplugging the cord, and pressing the power button to drain excess power) for the USB keyboard to work and allow me into the bios.
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  1. PSU or MOBO definitely. Try testing the PSU or changing it out with another one. Is that doesn't fix it then RMA the MOBO.
  2. I went out and purchased a new power supply to test the issue and that unfortunately did not remedy the problem. Any answers for this issue?
  3. Try RMA on the motherboard. Thats is the only other thing i can think of.
  4. Your pc specs?
    EDIT: What is your full pc specs, xball23?
  5. Whose? Do you want my PC specs Suztera?
  6. i5-2500k
    8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600
    EVGA GTX 660 TI SC
    120GB 840 EVO (brand new)
    600W OCZ ModXstream PSU
    MSI B75A-G43 Mobo
  7. Try replacing the motherboard
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