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I just received my 260x and I booted up skyrim and the fps seem awful. I get 60fps but when I'm walking the frames will jump. Jumps down to 30-40.the back to 60. All settings ultra at 1080x1920 resolution. And also if I'm by a torch in a dungeon the game will stutter but the fps won't show a drop. I'm running a 500 psu. 4Gb 1600 gskill rip jaws X ddr3. R7 260x. FX 6300 CpU. Whats the deal here. Or is this average for a 260x
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  1. well firstly try it on high settings, r7 260x is an entry-level gaming gpu. so if your using a lot of mods in skyrim, your bound to get some issues.
  2. No mods. The frames jump like it's having to load the frames when im walking outside. Gpu temp is 58c max on unigine valley on ultra settings getting 30-31 fps vsync on and 45-55fps wo vsync on 1080 res. I looped it for about a hourish
  3. try it with tessalation on just normal.. vsync off then ultra.
  4. I also ran unigine heaven 4.0 ultra max tessalation. Ran the same as valley yet the frames somes times dropped to 24ish then back up and different spots of the bench . Just wondering why skyrim jumps so much. I got only a few days left to rma my gpu but idont think its my gpu.
  5. And im having a very hard time figuring out what my 6300 temp is. All the programs I use to test it are way off. Telling me idle is 8c when bios says 38c
  6. try hwinfo64 it usually gives me accurate temps
  7. well you choose a pretty good benchmarking tool, because unigine heaven tests your gpu's capability on different scenarios and lighting, similar to the open world of skyrim. 30-31 fps on unigine "the camera is moving through the scenes", is similar to moving your character in skyrim, hence the frame drops.
  8. How do I stop the jumps? Is it just the game. I did notice slight jumps in unigine valley. But not really in unigine heaven 4.0
  9. play it on high settings... yeah, thats about it, smooth 1080p ultra gameplay is just too much for your card. you can try and overclock, but the best stable i reached with the r7 260x is 1165 core / 1700 memory, and thats it.
  10. Downloaded hwmoniter and there is cpu under temperature and then there is package under temperature thats under the amd fx-6300 category . Which one is the right one
  11. Cpu under the temperature category says 29c. The package says 10c

    TMPIN2 says 128c wtf is that
  12. Wait you said hwinfo64 my bad I miss read it. Sec ill try it and see
  13. Hwinfo 64 says cpu0 12c, cpu 0 package 12c, under ITE IT8721F category says cpu 31c, motherboard 29c

    Edit : my cpu cores are jumping like hell on system idle as well. 1.4 to 3.8 back and forth
  14. go into power options in windows and set it to performance. Windows keeps throttling your CPU clock speed
  15. It is on high performance in power options
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    hmmmm did you disable cool&quiet in the bios?
  17. Ok now this is getting absurd, your now going beyond your current problem. You asked what you gpu is capable of and i answered that in my last post on this thread.

    Your now moving to cpu overclock territory.

    If you want to proceed, we will help.
    But i cant be sure if it will improve on your gaming.
  18. Ok Playing all my other games in 1080p including crysis 2 max with no hardcore jumping like skyrim and getting an average of 40 ish fps. And with the skyrim issue im figuring I may need more ram because im thinking in an open world like that theres alot of loading and it seems my ram is low and it is having to unload and load the frams back into the ram. Because its quick frame jumps. Ill be at a constant 60 fps till it snags a quick sec down to 54 fps. Very fast I might add.

    I dont wanna overclock. Im not thinking its my cpu either. Think it ram? I mean 4bg is kinda low I suppose
  19. Look,

    Im not degrading your system, I also have a Sapphire r7 260x ghz edition and its great, i even recomended it to other people.
    My comment may look negative, but all im saying "out of experience with this gpu" the limits that i have encountered.

    And i said "absurd" because your fx 6300 is working fine.
  20. Calm down, he said that he cpu speed was changing, if this happens usually it causes stuttering >....
  21. No worries. Im going to start with changing some bios setting like c and q. Add some ram. And im going to add an aftermarket cooler becuse 40c idle cpu temp isnt what I like. Any other settings besides cool and quite that I should turn off? I know im off topic and im sry. And when I put my power settings to HP it causing more cpu freq flux then balanced mode..
  22. Theres quite a few Skyrim.ini changes you can make to have it better support your system aswell,like.


    Your iNumThreads should be 6,for example.


    in the SkyrimPrefs.ini

    You'll have to google about vanilla skyrim optimization,because theres a HUGE amount of modding done by players.
  23. After turning off c and q did it. No stutter. Did what crispy chips suggested and is running even better. freakin smooth. Thanks guys!
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