Whats the best case to buy on a $1000 budget?

I am building a computer with a budget of $1000 and i am not sure what case i should get, Thats my build so far, I was going to get a antec one but it appears to be really cheap and flimsy, So i decided to get a new case. Any suggestions?
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    Quite like this one myself.
  2. What say about NZXT Phantom series?
  3. The cooler master enforcer is nice, you can also opt for a corsair case in the same price range. But its all about how you want your rig to look sitting on top of your desk.
    I like mine looking real mean then having that heavy breathing sound.
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    Also believe me get the Radeon R9 270x instead of GTX 660 it's much better as seen here and here's the comparison-

    Also here's the case I was talking about-

    This is the search but choose any one you want they are all awesome, looking wise the best and cooling wise good too and the cable management is also amazing.
    Here are two recommendations-
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