Microphone not working, using Apple headset on PC

Hi, this is my first time using a PC as I've always used a laptop. I am trying to get the microphone of my Apple headset to work on my PC.

I tried plugging it into the front and the back of my PC, the headphone plug and the microphone plug but neither picked up anything. So I bought a headset to PC adapter, so I could convert the single plug into two but even that did not work either.

However, when I used the adapter and tried recording something or turn on playback, it picked up a constant beeping sound but it did not pick out any sound when I spoke into it and if I push the controller on the headset, the beep stops but it still does nothing.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong... Any ideas?


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  1. Hi, the Apple's headset is connected in a different way.

  2. Well, I've got one question for you, too...
    Once you get a Mac, you never go back. Why'd you go to a PC in the first place? :??:
    Anyway, yes, the Apple products are very different than PC products. They're most likely more up-to-date, if you know what I mean. You probably shouldn't mix them, my friend did that once... it screwed up some wiring. Don't know how, but that's what she said to me. This goes for everything EXCEPT Apples. c:
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