Installing a Nvidia Geoforce drivers causes Windows 8.1 to crash every time


This is driving me crazy; basically I bought a new computer with a geoforce GT 640 card already installed. I installed windows 8.1 myself (dual booted with Ubuntu).

Whenever I install a driver for the video card the OS crashes. BSOD. If I'm lucky I can refresh windows, if not then reset, but most times I have to clean install.

I've tried the driver that came with the disk. The oldest driver. The latest driver. I've updated windows and then tried every driver combination. It always crashes.

I'd rather not have to go out and buy an older windows version just to play a video game.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Maybe the card is faulty, can you try it in a different computer?
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    when you've done a clean install of windows, the device manager should automatically install a generic nvidia driver

    if you haven't already tried it and it's not going to be much hassle, try another clean windows install. Then check to see if windows has successfully installed a generic nvidia driver in the device manager

    If it hasn't > right click the gpu > properties and update the driver that way

    If that works fine, then get the latest drivers from nivdia and perform a custom install and tick the 'clean install' option

    If that had the same BSOD issue, then it could be that the GPU is faulty and as per rolli59's suggestion, trying it in another PC would at least let you know if the GPU has a problem
  3. do a complete unistall of driver and restart machine, let win load generic driver, then load the official latest driver, not beta. Change setting from adaptive performance to maximum performance. hope that helps
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