Which Keyboard and Mouse to get ?

I am building a new gaming PC and I need help in selecting a Keyboard and Mouse.
My main purpose is Gaming (mostly FPS game) and maximum that I could go is $100.
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    Best Mechanical Gaming
    Keyboard→Razer BlackWidow($54.99)

    Best Wireless Gaming
    Keyboard→Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800($100)

    Best Gaming Keyboard Overall→Logitech G710 Plus($130),review-2009.html

    Best All-Purpose Gaming
    Mouse→ Logitech G502 Proteus Core($79.99)

    Best FPS Mouse→Corsair Vengeance M65($57),news-18236.html#xtor=EPR-8886

    Choose whichever combo fits in your budget.
    Edit: For $100 budget you can get along with Razer BlackWidow and Vengeance M65 which will make total of $110. It will be $10 more than your budget but totally worth it.
  2. i'd go for a usb keyboard like the blackwidow and the m65
  3. I would like to say that peripherals like mice and keyboards are VERY much about personal preference, it's a totally subjective decision. If you have friends with a setup, or can get to a decent store, it's worth going in and trying a few out.
  4. ^ +1
  5. Thanks for your answers. Actually I had already ordered M65. It was keyboard at which I was confused. I currently have Microsoft kit and I am not at all impressed by its quality and honestly I think Microsoft isn't really into making good keyboards and mouse.

    Razer BlackWidow at $49.99 seems a good deal.
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