Desktop cannot access internet through switch, but laptop will

I use Time Warner cable for telephone and internet access, with a Arris TM502G modem, I do not have a router. My connections are wired only, no wireless. The modem has only one internet port, so I have to switch the CAT5 cable in order to access internet on either machine. Dell Dimension 4400 desktop and ThinkPad SL500 laptop both using Win XP.

Got a Netgear FS105v2 switch, intending to be able to access internet from either or both computers. TV cable goes into modem, modem connects to switch, then connect computers to the switch. Laptop has no problem accessing internet though the switch. The desktop will not, says "limited or no connectivity". Desktop works fine when connected directly to modem. DHCP is enabled on the desktop. Laptop uses a Realtek PCIe Family Controller, desktop has 1394 Net Adapter.

Am about to put a new hard drive in the laptop and load Win7, so would like to have internet access on both machines in case I get "stuck" somewhere in the process.

Should I copy the IP address etc info from the laptop onto the Dell?

Thanks in advance for your help. Chris
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    It can't work like that.
    For multiple devices, you must have a router in the chain. 'Just a switch' will not work.

    The modem serves up one and only one IP address, to the first device it sees. Desktop, laptop, or router.
    A router can be that first device, and serve up multiple internal IP addresses.

    modem -> router -> switch -> multiple devices.
    Or, just multiple devices off the 4 ports on the router.
  2. Quote:
    Should I copy the IP address etc info from the laptop onto the Dell?

    And especially don't do this.
  3. Bingo! Bought a wireless router, and it did what I needed when used in wired mode. The switch will go back to Fry's.
    Thanks very much for helping out this greenhorn. Chris
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