Which of these two cards would work best with this pc?

Thank you for your time

My brother has a walmart bought PC, and wants to upgrade the graphics. Its an acer aspire small form factor, 4gb ram, a6-3620 cpu, 220w psu.

I'm choosing between 2 low profile cards: r7 240 and hd 6670

which would be the safer bet? i heard that the 6670 can crossfire with my iGPU. How exactly does that work, and what do i have to do? Would the CF put its performance ahead of the r7? will there be any bottleneck? your help would be appreciated. thank you.
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    the 6670 is faster, and yes it can crossfire with the igpu in the a-6. is is a good low budget combo, but also look at the psu label, tell us what brand it is. the crossfire will add more performance, because you will have the dedicated gpu and the igpu working together. it is simple to setup, just put the card in and enable dual graphics mode in the bios (depending on the mobo, you may have to dig through the bios to find it).
  2. The 6670 is faster but much older, the R7-240 is newer but slower. What can you get the R7-250 for in your area?
  3. the 6670 is the best for you because you can crossfire the older cards (mainly the 6XXX series) and get better performance then the 250.
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