PC Keeps Freezing

Hello everyone, i have a very annoying problem with my pc and its driving me crazy!

Every so often the PC will freeze, the display stays on but i cant do anything until i button it.
The specs are:
Corsair 600w PSU
AMD FX6300 (Not overclocked)
Asus M5a88-v
XFX 2GB HD7870
Corsair Vengence 8gb (2 x 4gb) 1600mhz
120gb crucial m500 SSD with windows on
1tb Seagate data drive

Most parts are around 6 months old, apart from the Ram and SSD which are brand new
The PC was randomly freezing, i thought it was the HDD or RAM so i replaced them as i only had 4gb ram anyway but its still doing it

Has anyone had a similar problem? As i say the ram and SSD are brand new and a fresh install of windows on the SSD but its not fixed it

Thanks for any help
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  1. Try updating or reinstalling your video card drivers as it could be corrupted or it just doesn't play well with that card. Also open a command prompt (click start button and type cmd into the search and hit enter) and try the chkdsk command or an sfc/scannow command which checks volume and disk integrity.
  2. Thanks, i dont think its the drivers as im using the most recent beta one, before i installed the new ssd i was using the most recent official one, freezing has occured on both drivers. Also the SSD is brand new and it is still doing it, i did a chkdsk on the old drive i was using as a boot drive and it was fine but it still did it :(
  3. i dont think its the drivers as im using the most recent beta one

    beta means untested use at own risk and report back bugs that you find. there not release drivers
  4. Yes and as I said I was using the latest official one before I wiped my PC, so the freezing has occurred on both generation of drivers
  5. its possibly your temperatures
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