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I am currently researching parts for a custom pc build and I want to know if my mother board will automatically regulate fan speed based on temperature. Here is the MSI board I'm looking at

and I want to know if that board is able to regulate 4 240mm Corsair air series fans and one Corsair hydro series h75. If it not, which ati boards can?

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  1. The board has 3 chassis fan plugs and 2 cpu fan plugs. The motherboard will be able to regulate all of the fans on its own, and your fans are all very quiet anyway. If you want some extreme control over your fans, you can get a fan controller for $25. I have an NZXT Sentry 2, and it's great. I can set it to auto or turn off all but one fan at night.
  2. So if it has 3 chassis fan plugs does that mean I can only put 3 fans? I wanted put in 4 240mm.

    Also will the corsair cx 600m be able to power all fans (4 240MM and 1 hydro h75)? 2 of the 4 will have LEDs.
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    You plug 3 fans into the 3 chassis fan plugs, and then the last fan into a cpu fan plug. The h75 will plug into the other cpu fan header.
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