a pair of ev s-200s either side running at 4 ohms. what size power amp should i use?

a pair of ev s-200s total 600watts per side,running at 4 ohms.what is the maximum power amp i could use?.thanks.
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  1. Spec sheet shows they are 8 ohm speakers and should be used with a max of 300 watts continuous or 600 watt peak power into 8 ohms. If the amp spec is given at 4 ohms then the power will be 1/2 that rating into these speakers. They are pretty efficient so you might be OK with less if they are used in a less than huge space.
  2. yes,thanks for that.the ev,s are 300 watts each and 8 a pair will give me 600 watts at 4 ohms,each side. my amp is a peavey 2600,which gives me 900 watts per side at 4ohms. are my speakers safe at that.
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    It will be 4 ohms if you run the speakers in parallel, otherwise they will be 8 ohms. The amp should be fine unless you're using them in a very large space and playing at high volume.
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