I use laptop for college, open 6-7 pages, is i3 processor with 4gb enough for win 8

17.3, 500gb, dell
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    If its just normal small stuff like web, emails, facebook, office and i3 should be more than enough
  2. Just me, because I watched Windows chew up more and more memory for so many years, I always lean towards having a little more than the bare minimum of memory. I know Win 7 & 8 aren't as bad as Vista was, but I'd see if I could find a machine with 6GB of RAM if I were you. Also, IF you plan to store a lot of video on your HDD, you might go through 500GB faster than you'd think.

    I'm looking for a laptop for my mom and Office Depot has some pretty good looking (specs, price, etc.) machines (15.4 touchscreens) from Lenovo and Toshiba in the $470 to $570 range.
  3. Construkt said:
    It would be plenty. Dell isn't a great manufacturer, and a 17.3" laptop is lacking in portability which makes it less ideal for school, but definitely powerful enough to run Windows 8.

    I go to college online and it will just replace my XP desktop. I need to figure out 8.1. I'm on my old Vista to finish an

    assignment until I figure it out. Can't even use my USB because where/how do you open it?

    Thanks for the advice:).
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