Unattend answer file key, trying to reinstall Windows 7

My friend is trying to do a clean install of Windows 7, but it won't let them because it gets stopped by this Unattend answer key file.. file key something. It's my copy of Windows 7 that I downloaded from a site called "" - it provides free software for students. It is not a stolen or scammed copy of Windows 7.

We're not sure what the problem is? I used the CD recently to install Windows 7 and I'm completely fine, no errors no nothing. Did some searching and people have said it could be failing hardware, but the computer isn't very old and has shown *no* signs of anything going bad. Should we run some tests and if so what should we do/with what tools?

My friend is trying another Windows 7 CD to see if that's the issue, but let's pretend it's not the problem and it happens again. Would we need a new hard drive or something?

Thanks for reading and thanks for any help.

Edit: I should note that my friend does NOT have a floppy disk and does not have a mac. It's just a windows PC, no virtual anything. We have no clue what this Unattend file is. I'm going a little crazy trying to figure it out.
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  1. He has a valid license for this install?
    It seems from your error that the key (from DreamSpark) is contained in a "unattend.xml" file.

    If, as you say, that has already been used to install on your will not work on a new install. That DreamSpark key has already been activated.
  2. So if we got a new one from Dreamspark that should work if we burn it to a new DVD?

    And that's the weird thing: My professor said it could be used on multiple computers, which is had. Mine is the newest one for it to be used on with no problems, but I did activate this computer with a different key than that disk was originally used for. The disk isn't tied to the key is it? It couldn't/shouldn't be because that would mean I should have a problem and I don't.
  3. A Dreamspark install is licensed to you, the student. If he is also a student, he can get his own.
    If he is not a valid student, he cannot use that, and must buy hos own license.

    Whatever your professor said may not be the case. Go to the Dreamspark site and you can read the specific licensing.
    1 license, 1 PC, 1 student.
  4. So if he gets his own, he shouldn't get the unattend error?
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    3 Hours Dungeon said:
    So if he gets his own, he shouldn't get the unattend error?

    If he buys one, or qualifies for a Dreamspark license, should work just fine.
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