Are there any LED Static Pressure Fan?

Doe any of you know of a blue LED static pressure fan that is 140mm? I am looking to cool my 770 with an AIO and I dont want to use the front of my case, becuase it will bring in hot air. I also don't want to use the bottom of my case either. So I am left with the back because the top is taken. I want an LED fna though because I really like the way my case looks with one right now. If anyone knows of a ridiculously long 120mm AIO that would work in the spot above my optical bays that would be fun.
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  2. terry4536 said:

    Do you know if Gelid Wing 14 fans would work on a 140mm radiator (static pressure wise)?
  3. Sure, it would work(Static Pressure (mmAq): 1.45 ). It didn't come up on my search.
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