Windows 8.1 IDT audio codec won't recocgnize 5.1 surround sound

HP Pavillion 500-214
AMD quadcore processor 3.5mghz
8gb Ram
IDT DTS 7.1 Sound card
Jasmine-R Motherboard
Windows 8.1

Note: reinstalled audio drivers just today. but the problem has persisted for several days, and still isn't working.

Last week a friend of mine gave me his old Logitec z5300e THX certified, 5.1 speakers that were made by Logitech. Now, I know that they're ten years old, but I do know one thing: they work. I plugged in all the color coded 3.5mm jacks (four in all) in their color coded ports. Then, I went to the audio menu in Windows (I am running Windows 8.1) to the IDT audio source that I am using. Speakers/Headphones IDT Audio Codec. I right click and hit configure. I select 5.1. I test the speakers in 5.1 and only the front left and right speakers seem to work. Then, I decided I'd see if the system actually worked so I put on a movie. The movie contains up to 5.1 audio channels, and played fine through all the speakers (I actually picked them up and listened to each of the five speakers separately.) They all worked. Then I went to choose the 5.1 option in the audio selection menu of VLC. Turned to 5.1, and no audio from the center speaker, just the left, right, LFE, rear right/left speakers. Odd. Then I went back to windows audio control panel, back to Speakers/Headphones, and changed the sound from 5.1 to stereo. I played the film again. The speakers still worked in stereo. I turned the 5.1 surround mode on VLC and they all worked (albeit very low sound, almost impossible to hear.) Then, i realized that Matrix mode was on. Turned it off. I configured the audio in Windows again for 5.1 Tested the speakers. Now the front left, right, center, and subwoofer all have tones, but not the rear speaker. I don't know what to do.
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  1. What have you got it plugged into - the rear I/O panel? What connections does the z5300 have - just 2 x rcas? If that's all it has then it only needs stereo input and it then emulates 5.1 output
  2. i7Baby said:
    What have you got it plugged into - the rear I/O panel? What connections does the z5300 have - just 2 x rcas? If that's all it has then it only needs stereo input and it then emulates 5.1 output

    No, it uses 4 3.5mm cables. Green audio out, black, orange (or peach) and grey. Like I said, I updated the sound card driver. This is a "true 5.1" pc surround sound system.
  3. Try Control Panel, Manage Sound Devices, Speakers, Properties and see if the plugs match those on the z5300
  4. I've done that. All the jacks are the same. Green, black, peach, and grey. The only thing I can think of is that it's a software issue as all of the speakers have worked at different times. Matrix mode being off helped get the center speaker and subwoofer to actually put out a tone. But, the rear speakers still don't. But, after playing a couple of movies in stereo mode this week, with the windows mode set to stereo, the rear surround speakers have worked fine. I updated the audio drivers. The jacks in the back do match the jacks on the system. In 5.1 mode in the IDT configuration under windows audio management I cannot get the speakers configured to 5.1. I have been able to get sound out of the rear speakers in 7.1. Oddly enough, the 3.5mm jack for the 7.1 side surround speakers isn't plugged in. The black 3.5mm jack is plugged into the rear surround port. But, if I test in 7.1 audio in configuration, those side-surround speakers make a tone, but not the rear surround speakers where the jack is plugged in.
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    I have a feeling your pc is pretty old, maybe try a bit of wd 40 in the sockets (just a touch) then rotating the z5300 plugs back and forth in them.

    And keep looking at your settings. I don't think they'rte the same as mine.
  6. Funny you say that, my PC is brand new. It was purchased just three months ago. HP 500-214. AMD Quad Core Processor. integrated 7.1 sound card. The 5.1 should work, I think it's because it's Windows 8.1. It's a terrible operating system.
  7. Fixed the problem. I had to switch two jacks around. The black 3.5mm jack into the grey, the grey 3.5mm into the jack. Now my sound finally recognizes the 5.1 sound. It was a computer hardware issues. Either way, it's done now.
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