my 32 bit computer says its 64 bit compatible, why cant i instal a 64 bit OS on it.

i have a dell 780 desktop it says its 64 bit compatible , i did the windows update checker thingy and it says its ok to go but when i pop the disc in it says the architecture is wrong....yes i'm blonde.
Are there changes i need to make or is it just not doable.
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  1. You're trying to install Windows 8.1, aren't you? 8.1 requires 3 specific 64-bit commands that either your processor or chipset does not support.
  2. i realized after i posted my question i hadnt supplied enough information ..system currently runs 32 bit OS and i'm installing windows 8.0 from a dvd microsoft genuine.
    thank you for your reply.
  3. Operating System

    Microsoft® Windows 7® Basic; Microsoft® Windows 7® Home Premium; Microsoft® Windows 7® Professional (32/64 bit); Microsoft® Windows 7®
    Ultimate (32/64 bit)
    Microsoft® Windows Vista® Ultimate; Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business (32/64 bit); Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Basic; Microsoft®
    Windows Vista® Business Downgrade via Windows 7® Professional
    Microsoft® Windows

    You should be able to , your doing a clean install, right.?

    As stated above it's supported by your system.
  4. yes clean install
  5. Should work.
  6. i everyone thank you all for your replies'll be glad to know i persisted and it now seems to be installing...why it wouldn't i have no idea.thanks again .
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