GTX760 - Triple Monitor Setup?

Hi, I currently have two monitors on an MSI GTX760 Twin Frozr 4GB, using one DVI-I and one HDMI. I want to buy the same HDMI monitor to make a triple monitor setup, but my card doesn't have two HDMI, instead it has 1 x DisplayPort - I have no experience using DP so I was wondering if a HDMI to DP cable would work? or another route.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
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    Yup, works just fine. There are some caveats for certain AMD cards (you may need an 'active' adapter), but no such limitations from Nvidia. A standard DP to HDMI cable will do the job.
  2. doesnt your monitor have DVI port?
  3. A standard DP to DVI cable will do the job too (assuming your monitor has a DVI input).
  4. Thanks for the responses!
    My monitor does have a DVI port as well, are there any advantages over DVI - DP / HDMI - DP, or is it just another option?
    Thanks again
  5. DVI-HDMI, except no audio and a different plug.
  6. Man now I feel silly haha, completely overlooked the DVI-HDMI option.
  7. Yup, all digital so it's exactly the same
  8. i believe you have DVI-D port as well right?
  9. Yep
  10. One thing to note if you are planning on gaming on a triple monitor setup a single GTX 760 will not do it. You will at the very least need to go SLI with a second GTX 760. But if you are going to be using the three monitors as extended monitors and game only on one you will be just fine.
  11. then i think you can do setup like this without using DP
    GPU <--> Monitors
    DVI-D -> DVI
    DVI-I -> DVI
    HDMI -> HDMI
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