SLI vs single for 2 monitors?

I'm debating picking up another 770 to run SLI on my board, I don't play many games that support SLI but there are some. I do use 2 monitors, one is a 27" Samsung that sits front and center above my keyboard. The other is a 23" Acer I've got on a couple books to the right side. The primary one is used for all games, borderless window mode so I can move to the Acer at will. I watch netflix and search for things game related on my second monitor. Once in a great while I'll dual box a game (like WoW) and use both monitors.

My question is just from that standpoint would a second card increase my gaming capability? One per each monitor?
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  1. What is the resoultion? For two monitors get a single card, there is no reason to SLI for less than 3 monitors or if you go over 1080p. The 770 is more than capable to drive 2 monitors, and you wont notice the increase from 60FPS to 100. If you even wanted to SLI you would want the 4GB cards anyway.
  2. 1080p, it's a 770 2 GB EVGA Superclocked.
  3. Then stick with the card. If you SLI you would want 4GB so they arent limited by VRAM.
  4. sure it will increase the performance but keep in mind you will still only have 2 gb of v ram with 2 2gb cards. vram does not stack. so if you are running out of gpu memory you would have to just get a new card.
  5. Gah, wish I knew that a few weeks ago!! I guess I'll keep that in mind in the next year or two. I didn't know 2GB cards were pointless in SLI, I would've paid the extra $60.
  6. well it will still run the current monitors better. They are far from pointless, they just don't share vram.
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    Its still a good card. You really only get 4GB if you intend to SLI. Pretty much with the money saved on that, plus the money saved from the second card you can simply upgrade to a better single card sooner.
  8. What kind of performance loss do you see in layman's terms when you hit the Vram cap?
  9. You start to get severe framerate stuttering once you hit max Vram.
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