Power button broken off...Do I have to get a completely new monitor or can the power button be replaced with a new one somehow

I think my nephew may have trifled with the power button on my monitor. When I went to turn the monitor on, the power button didn't work and it actually fell out of it's little place there on the side of the monitor. Does this mean I will have to get a new monitor or can a new power button replace the old? If a new power button can replace the old, where is the cheapest to get it done?
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  1. Power buttons aren't really consumer replaceable. Can you turn the monitor on and disable auto-shutoff of timeout on it? You wouldn't have to turn it on again if it never turns off...
  2. Usually the power button is just a bit of plastic over a smaller SMD button. There should be a round plastic circle you can press with a pencil or something.
  3. have you tried poking it with a stick...
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    Is it the round button kind or the long thin kind? I broke the long thin power button on my viewsonic vx924 since I would push it down instead of push it in in. It is difficult to the break the power button though unless if it were pried out since that is one of the most durable parts on on the monitor. I use a power strip on it now since the power button is stuck on the 'on' position however it seems like that yours is stuck on the 'off' position but you do have access to the interface below. Best of luck.
  5. Thanks for all those answers. It is a round button and I do see the little SMD button on the inside (toward the left side). -Didn't see it in there at first. So I'll try that...Thanks again. --I appreciate all the help suggestions.-- :-)
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