PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 750G2 or Corsair HX Professional Series 750-Watt?

I can't decide on which of these two PSU's I should get. Does anybody know which one is best?
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  1. Oh, I actually just found out that you can get a 850 watt model for each of the brands I just listed. Changing the question- EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 or Corsair HX Professional Series 850-Watt?
  2. They're both very high quality PSUs. Johnny Guru loved them both and I regard that site as the most trustworthy PSU authority.

    Newegg has a discount & $20 MIR on the Corsair at the moment:
    So that'd get my vote, but only 'cause it's cheaper where I'd buy it from. Either are good choices.
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    Hi Matthew-san
    Both are good psu's
    The Supernova has a ten year warranty where the corsair has a 7year warranty that is worth consideration
    i would chose the supernova for that reason
  4. I'm at a dilemma now, Corsair's PSU is cheaper but EVGA PSU has a longer warranty. This is going to be a tough call but it's good to know that I'll be buying a good quality product no matter what I choose. Anyone want to tell me which one I should go for, I'm all ears or eyes in this case.
  5. me personally the evga , i bought a 1000w model and am impressed with it , quiet and efficient , any other psu other than evga up against the corsair i would pick the corsair
  6. I have an EVGA graphics card and I am very pleased with it but I also have Corsair RAM and I am also very pleased with it. So really this is a win-win situation for me because no matter which one I get, I'll most likely be very happy with it. I'm assuming that I won't get any performance increases if I pair up the EVGA PSU with my GPU, am I correct? If so, then I may just have to have one of my friends hold up a picture of each one and then have me point at one while blindfolded lol.
  7. you are correct performance diffence with either when paired with the gpu
    sounds like a plan m8 , either PSU will be good but warranty is also worth considering , 10 years is a long time
  8. Yeah ten years is long time, and I imagine by that point I'll have a new PSU but it's still good to know that I can have that ten year warranty if I need it. I believe that the EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 is the only PSU I've seen on Amazon that has a perfect customer review score of 5.0/5.0 which is something to think about (I'm not sure what the reviews are like for the 850 watt model though).
  9. whatever your call m8 you will be fine
  10. Haha, thanks for the help!
  11. you are welcome , hope it all goes well for you , all the best
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