Disk not recognised, but computer says it is working.

Hey everybody, I do not use disks a lot as I am more of a downloader than a disk user, anyways I put my disk into the disk drive and when I went to my computer it was not recognised. So I went on youtube for solution and did the "regedit>control>class bla bla bla" and the video said to delete the "top filter" and the "lower filter" I only had the lower filter and deleted it. I restarted my cpu and it was still not recognised. (I checked the regedit again, and the lower and upper filter files were missing)

So I went to device manager to see if the computer realised the disk drive isn't working. It said it was working fine and it was up to date.

So what other solutions are there?
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    I've no idea what odd you've got. Say if its a regional type, then that's all you can play. But I wouldn't play with regedit to fix it. They only cost $20 so I'd replace it. The put regedit back how it was - say with a System Restore.
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