Acer Aspire Sound Problems After Win 7 Pro and new HDD Install

I have an acer aspire 8735g-6502 laptop that recently suffered a WD 500 gb HDD failure. I replaced this with a Hitachi 1TB 7200 drive and since I did not have an original Win 7 home used a Win 7 Pro disk that a friend had extra.

The HDD and Win 7 Pro install went smooth. But, now when I plug an HDMI cable in to watch through my Marantz Receiver, the video comes through, but, I have to manually make the Marantz the default sound device to get sound. When I unplug the HDMI, I have to go back into sound settings and unenable the Marantz and re-enable the Realtek audio.

Before the HDD died, this would all happen seamlessly when plugging the HDMI cable in and unplugging without any fiddling around with settings.

I also have a couple other issues:
1. The touch volume control next to the number pad does not control the volume anymore
2. The keyboard pad used to have a display adjustment to it. You could use two fingers like on a tablet to drag the screen image bigger and smaller.

I looked at the Acer site and also used my Application and Drivers disk to reinstall everything that looked related to these issues. When i first installed Win 7 Pro I just let Windows find the appropriate drivers. That worked for some things but not others.

Any ideas? I have a few scratches on my face and my forehead hurts from frustration causing me to beat myself up here. :) Funny, but true, so any ideas are appreciated!!!
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    Paste a screenshot of the Device manager here.
    There must be quiet a few unknown devices of Stuff that doesn't have it's drivers installed.
    Certain software's are made especially for the keys (Dedicated) on laptops and provided by the manufacturer, those software need to be identified and installed from the Acer Website.

    Also the automatic switch over from HDMI audio to Onboard Audio needs to be configured in their respective Driver software, if ,you have come across a hitch.
    Sometimes editing the registry also helps.
  2. Here is a pic link with the devices showing all children. There is only one "unknown". I tried installing a couple drivers to it that looked like possibilities but Windows gave an error message.

    Thanks!!! Still tearing my hair out........
  3. I posted on the Acer Community site and someone told me to install launch manager from the Acer site. This has seemingly fixed the problems. I don't understand what LM does or how it works, but it fixed my issues.

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