Messed up Truecrypt boot loader with Ubuntu 14.04 install

I was interested in dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 7 because there were certain things I wanted to do on Ubuntu that Windows wasn't capable of. That's irrelevant though. A while back I began using Truecrypt on windows to encrypt all my sensitive information and even went as far as encrypting my system hard drive so that noone else but me could use my computer. I burned the Truecrypt rescue disk and even copied a .iso file which I saved to an encrypted flash drive. Then I decided to install Ubuntu on my PC. I shrunk my 1TB main partition by 40GB so that I could install Ubuntu without damaging the Truecrypt volume I already had. I took my USB drive that was encrypted and copied all of its files to the desktop to clear space for the Ubuntu .iso. This was a very big mistake as I needed the .iso file of the recovery disk because the cd I burned is lost. I installed Ubuntu to the 40GB of free space I made earlier and I was able to boot into it fine, but in the boot menu where I selected Ubuntu, I couldn't find an entry for Truecrypt or Windows. From what I've read up on, Ubuntu's boot loader overwrote the MBR. I there any way I can restore it without the rescue disk or will I just have to start over?
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    1st try opening a terminal in Ubuntu and see if we can't fix grub, the boot manager.
    type sudo update-grub
    give your password
    it will report what it did, see if windows is there now or reboot.

    If that didn't work try installing boot-repair in ubuntu
    Try the default repair and if that doesn't work under advanced options you can restore MBR.
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