Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card is that suitable for my pc?

here's my config
processor:- intel core 2 duo 8200 2.66 ghz
ram:-2gb ddr2 (do i need to upgrade my ram?)
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  1. What will the PC be used for?
  2. gaming
  3. gaming
  4. What kind of games?
  5. Depends on the games in particular. The 5450 was a low-end card (similar to the old 6450/7450 I used to have). Don't expect to be able to play BF4 or other similar games, & I'm not even sure how well it would run BF3 or similar games even on low settings. Of course, the RAM & CPU also have a huge effect on that.

    Which games do you currently play?
  6. i want to play gta 4 cod mw etc
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    Vamshi Yadav said:
    i want to play gta 4 cod mw etc

    Then the GPU will not be enough, as won't your current system; You need to do a full system upgrade if you want to get into modern gaming.
  8. then what kind of games can i play?
  9. finally tell me which graphic card should i buy?
  10. Vamshi Yadav said:
    then what kind of games can i play?

    Well it seems you could just run MW3 with that build and the GPU:

    GTA 4 would also run:

    But remember, you are very close to the minimum requirements so might get a lot of lag sometimes. Anything more intensive than that would cause a lot of problems.

    And as for the GPU, there's really no point in getting anything stronger since the rest of your system won't be able to handle it.
  11. thank you but graphic card?
  12. Vamshi Yadav said:
    thank you but graphic card?

    The 5450 will be fine.
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