how do I hook up soundbar to TV with him I inputs only

I have a TV with only hdmi inputs and earphone jack. How do I hookup soundbar and what kind of soundbar do I need?
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  1. ? so does the TV have any audio outputs?
  2. If the TV has only a headphone jack for audio output then you need a soundbar with an analog stereo input. It's very common so no problems.
  3. As the previous poster mentioned you can do analog (which you will need 3.5mm headphone jack to rca style inputs) to go to the sound bar. I would recommend a sound bar with HDMI-ARC. I got a panasonic sound bar for $99 during black friday. The sound bar has an hdmi output that also transmits sound back to the sound bar so everything can be plugged into your tv and played through the sound bar.

    there are plenty more from other manufacturers that have ARC, depending on how much you want to spend.
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