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i bought this thermal paste

can someone tell me if this stuff is too conductive to cover the inductors and fets on my graphics, when i say cover i mean about 10 grams across the pcb. i just bought a 450 dollars graphics card and its extremely overclocked, but my water cooler only covers the gpu not the vrams or anything, so im adding a standard heatsink to the card to cooler the rest of the card.

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  1. what card do you have and what waterblock are you putting on it?

    normally you want to put thermal pads on the vram not past.
  2. its a 780 gtx but the heat-spreader that comes on the card was modified to fit the ware block to the gpu. i know pads are ideal but i was rebuilding an exbox 360 psu and noticed how they ahd applied the thermal compound and decided to drench the 560 ti in some standard white thermal compound and it really increased the overclock capabilities im pretty good at welding aluminum so im planning on welding the heatsink to the heat-spreader. but i want to dispute the heat as evenly as possible just to get it away from the power mosfets because they seam to heat up pretty good and as everyone knows heat and stability dont really go together so i bought that cheap tm510 from ebay, but im not expert in silicon thermal paste and i dont want to install a huge glob of this on there if its really conductive or too conductive and would hate to have to clean it off lol.
  3. my waterblock is homemade aluminum but under a load the card stays around 50c wich isnt too bad, when its really overclocked im around 65c . it takes it a minutes to get that hot so i think i just need a bigger radiator, the radiator was a sealed unit from an alienware a51 machine i modified the closed loop cpu to the gpu and it works pretty good being able to keep my fans around 1600 rpm sounds great.
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