Case fans are running at full speed even though 4-pin

I bought 2 cougar fans with 4-pin connectors. Even though i connect them to the mobo headers, they run at full speed, why?
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  1. you can try downloading a program called "speedfan" this program tells temps and controls any fans that are connected to the mobo.
  2. I already have, but i was hoping the mobo would automatically control the speed depending on the situation.
  3. if the pc is hot or under load then the fans would go higher
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    There's often a setting in the motherboard called something like Quiet Mode or Cool n' quiet and if there is then it's probably disabled to run the fans at max speed to keep everything at it's coolest, if not then your system could be running near maximum temperature and it's a good thing that they're running at full to keep your system stable.
  5. I figured out the problem, the fan control on the bios was off, Thanks for the help. my system is also not hot because my room is really cold, and because the fans are running 100%, its even cooler, 25c average for all compnenets. Now that i turned on fan control, fan speed went down, but temps stayed the same. Thanks again!
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