Build for High to Ultra settings Planetside 2, DayZ standalone etc ~£1500

Hello. Totally new to this, blah blah blah, absolutely lost even after doing a few weeks of research into a self build so I thought I'd ask experts and enthusiasts alike for some advice :) As the title suggests I'm looking for advice on a system to run Planetside 2 on ultra setting(1080p or 1400), with a view to playing upcoming MMOs and possibly streaming with investment down the road. Heres my build;

Im aware that some of it is overkill. I dont plan to overclock any more than perhaps the manufacturer's out of the box boost. Comes in at about £1700 but could do with cutting a few £s off the tag. So any suggestions, or total rebuilds are welcome. Im based in Ireland so hopefully delivery etc wont cripple me. Thank you in advance.
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    If you're not going to overclock, just use the stock cooler. You can also use a much less-expensive H87 or B85 motherboard; Asus is my preferred brand, with ASRock a close #2.
    Especially with a single graphics card, you won't need the extra space and cooling of a full tower, and can use an ATX or even Micro-ATX build.
  2. One thing I would also suggest is go with 2X8G ram instead of 4x4G ram. You can overclock better and have expansion capability.
  3. Even if down the road I was planning to SLI?
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