Average cpu temp for I5 4670k?

i haven't install an OS yet but i was able to turn my new computer on with some help from my old ram :wahoo: .........but i was wondering if these were adequete idle temps for just running the bios.... the ambient temps(77-76..Fahrenheit) The cpu was running about (35-39....Celcius)... are these Okay Temps for idle or are they high??? i was wondering because i kinda messed up putting on thermal paste its all on the cpu but i had to take the hyper212evo main piece off once to get it on correctly and yeah.... high or low temps for idle?
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  1. Those temps are fine for idle.
  2. Entomber said:
    Those temps are fine for idle.

    if you don't mind me asking what do you mean by fine like are the a little high or right where they should be? sorry for asking im just weird about how this hyper212evo cpu cooler is going to act...
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    page with tests for your cooler including idle temps
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