Strange noise from graphics card?

I just recently purchased a MSI 7770 Ghz Edition. I noticed that while under load, the card makes a noise unlike a raspberry, but with electronic sounds rather than the sound of spit.

Doesn't seem to be related to the fan, as when I took the card off a load and set the fan speed higher, there were no noises. Also doesn't squeal like coil whine seems to, the noise sounds sort of like static mixed with rapid "chk chk chk chk" sound, if that makes any sense. Heck, it kind of sounds like machine gun fire. The noise isn't coming from the PSU or CPU, although the PSU is making a buzzing noise if that has anything to do with it. The temps never pass 60.

What could be the problem? The card is slightly overclocked, but even at stock clocks the noise persists. Should I RMA it or is this just some wierd sounding coil whine?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Bump, still looking have no idea what the noise is

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