Case Fans: Which and How Many?


CPU: i7 4770k
Motherboard: Asus Maximus IV Hero
CPU Voltage: XFX Pro Series 750W
OS: W7 Pro x64

I'm going to be overclocking this computer and I don't know much about case fans because I've always just bought a cheap $20 fan from MicroCenter or something and since I started overclocking my current computer, it's basically gone to hell. So I need to find some good fans but also quiet, so maybe a good mix.
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  1. It might of been a good idea to also post your case details so we might have a clue about what fans you have in there.

    And is the psu XDX or XFX?
  2. Fixed the mess-up in OP.

    6 Total Fan Bays
    2 Front 120mm Fan Bays
    1 Rear 120mm Fan Bay
    1 Side 120mm Fan Bay
    2 Top 120/140mm Fan Bays
    3-Channel Fan Controller
  3. But what case?
  4. Best answer

    The case comes with 4 fans - 2 x 120 at front, 1 x 120 rear, 1 x 140 led top. It also comes with a 3 step fan controller

    Plus you'll have your cpu cooler fan

    The mobo comes with a cpu fan header - plug the cpu cooler fan into it - What cooler are you using? Try Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO

    And 3 chassis connectors - I'd plug the front 2 into one with a Y piece lead and each of the other 2 one each into each other fan header - read your mobo manual.

    Or you can plug your case fans into the case fan controller - read your case manual
  5. So the stock 4 should be enough? And the CM Hyper 212 EVO is the one I'm using
  6. Yes , that should be sufficient.
  7. Ok thank you!
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