Chrome/Web browser/connectivity issues- Crashes, pages won't load- details inside

So I'm having issues with general connectivity and chrome issues..

I hope I brought this to the right thread, atleast I think I did for this specific issue; I will be 100% connected to the internet, I can go play an online game such as League of Legends, connect to their servers and play etc. But if I go open ANY browser (IE, firefox, chrome), no pages whatsoever will load. This is easily fixed by restarting my computer and this occurs every couple hours.

I use chrome as my default browser so other than that (may not be on the right forum for this) it crashes a lot, just generally freezes and I have to use my windows task manager to end the process.

Other than that it has crashed once where it gave me an a crash report saying it crashed.

I've ran malwarebytes and microsoft security essentials and got rid of anything it found (only malwarebytes found anything).

This computer is maybe 2 months old and only started having these specific issues 2 days ago.

Any ideas on how to fix these issues? Thanks!!
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  1. Pretty sure I brought this to the wrong forum, let me know if I did :P
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