CPU Overheating Randomly

My friend is a Livestreamer and his PC has been acting up lately. XSplit started having problems and he restarted his computer. On starting up the PC it warned us of an overheating problem. I got him to install Core Temp on his PC (results below) and it sits at around 80 on idle and 110 when he has a game open.

It has only started doing this yesterday morning. I am not sure what his other specs are but it would be great to get anyone's advice on how to fix this.

Thank you
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    Sounds like the heat sink has come lose, or the fan has failed.
  2. sounds like the heatsink isn't attached properly, or the fan isn't spinning.
  3. Hey! Don't copy my answer!
  4. ha!
  5. Yeah, I was really hoping it wasn't going to be that. He over reacts about people even sliding the side off his PC case. Thanks for the answer and the laugh guys, going to be a long few hours.
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