PSU making solid buzz tone

I've an htpc and just installed a new fan. (I posted this under a different thread I started but this is different and should probably be filed differently than that thread)

Got my Zalman CNPS8900 today as well as a silenx case fan. Installed both, no issues relatively straight forward. The only difference is that I didn't use the mounting plate that came with the Zalman, the stock mounting points on my GB Mobo worked fine.

All plugged in and fire her up, I get a continuous buzzing noise almost like a tone, but it's not the Mobo beep tone. Sounds like it's coming from generally where the PSU is. The fans work fine. This buzz starts about 5 seconds after turning it on.
I'm getting video on my TV (HDMI) during the boot, but once windows starts to load the screen goes black but still sending a signal to my TV otherwise my TV will say no signal.
Its a tight case but when I put my ear up to it I'm confident it's the PSU. I thought it was maybe coil squeal but the YouTube video I seen of coil squeal doesn't seem like the same thing. This seriously sounds like a tone, but not a beep tone. Weird?
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  1. What power supply?
  2. Just the one that came with my low profile HTPC case, In Win IW-IP-S300FF1-0 T TFX 300W. Its worked like a champ for some time.
    I narrowed it down to the psu by pulling the GPU and HDD that were near it and still does it.
    I'm able to get into safe mode on Win7 but if I start normally it goes through the Win7 logo then black screen when that goes away.
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  4. Well I feel like a total tool. Its not my PSU. Its my case speaker. The little system speaker tucked behind everything. It doesn't sound like a beep it is more like an electrical buzz.
    Wonder what is causing that.

    Still no video when launching windows normally, only I'm safe mode.
  5. That's strange
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