Screen freezes with high sound\Missing Gpu

hey guys i have msi ge620 i have been using this laptop for about two years now

this is just baisc info about the laptop

this is my display section of dxdiag as you can see it is showing the internal display driver the Nvidia GeForce GT 540M is no where to be seen . its like its just doest dectect it anymore. i tried instaling the new drivers and stuff but its says no nvidia chipset found

here also no gpu detected i tried to find a solution for so long but with no success and i gave up thinking my intel internal chipset was good enoug for now i dont play high end games anymore only small ones but recently when i start playing some games the screen just goes crazy with wierd high pithc sounds and i have to switch it off manually and start it up again now i cant do anything on the laptop really need some insight into this i have been trying for so long ....

i have heard from my local shop that if i use some heat or blowdry on my gpu again it might power up again something like that i dont have time not money to give laptop for repairs i hope there is something i can do to bring my laptop back to life

Thank you for reading my troubles :)
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  1. oh please help :/
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  5. No don't take the store's sugesstion...have you seen your card mentioned in those sections before..Afaik your laptop would have swithcable graphics..something must have gone wrong with the drivers and the way you installed...In some cases the nvidia drivers don' work well with some machines with optimus technology..Just uninstall all the drivers first including intel ones...Boo the pc into safe mode and use driverfusion to remove display drivers related with intel and nvida..Then insert the disc which came along with your laptop and from what i've seen before you should first instal the intel driver from disc and then install nvidia's driver...
  6. yes its switchable graphics ... one thing if i uninstal intel drivers also wont my display just go off? there wont be a gpu then right?i dont have the disc with me but the drivers are there in the laptop sites i can get that
  7. If you uninstall the intel driver you willl just lose the resolution...Just go ahead and uninstall and then restart the will have your display,don't worry....try the drivers frm the website...But i've seen situations where the drivers from website would not work...thn once i had to install driver from disc....and download both intel and nvidia driver from website..You will have to install one of those first(i guess intel first,when you try to installl the driver it will ask you to install the right one first)..try this and post back..
  8. So i downloaded driver sweeper then went to safe mode uninstalled my intel drivers restarted and like u said just the resolutions changed then downloaded and installed intel drivers from the site then restarted again then try to run the setup for Nvidia driver but it still cant detect the graphics card :/
  9. i have seen this before..the driver from website did not work(did not detect the nvidia card for some reason...Later i installed fromt eh disc that worked(switchable graphics has always been a paiin in the neck)...that was with a dell any chance ca you get the old drviers which were shippd with your laptop...
  10. hmm can i try older versions of my intel drivers which i can try to find online?
  11. for switchable graphics we should get it from manufacturer's website...Just see if they have old driver there..
  12. 64

    this is the manufacturer site and that driver giving for inetl is the oldest available 2011 i cant find an older version of it
  13. again uninstall the intel drivers and remove the nvida entries aswell..Then boot into normal mode and try the nvidia driver straightaway..
  14. so i uninstalled inel drivers again i dint get what nvdia entries mean but i dint have nvdia drivers installed so that... then i try to intal nvdia drivers first this time and still no success :@
  15. uninstall intel drivers...boot into safe mode and use driver sweeper and search for intel and nvidia entries and clean those and then try installting the drivers...
  16. btw this is how my laptop looks when it crashes

    it stopped coming when u told first to uninstall intel drivers and install again then it started happening again now when i re installed drivers ..
  17. So again i uninstalled intel drivers restated in safe mode ran driver sweeper then uninstalled both and intel and nvdia restarted, then try to download nvdia driver it failed then installed intel driver then tried to installedl nvdia again still fail :/
  18. The screenshot does'nt look good...Now i guess its more of a harware issue rather than a software problem...Our last hope is a windows reisntall if you are ready to do it(if that doesn't work its a hardware issue which has very low chances of repair with a laptop)...
  19. The steps i told you have worked for gpu not detected issues in my personal experiance with swithcable graphics..This seems to be a bigger problem..
  20. actually i fixed it the screen thingy i dont no how it started but it got fixed when i cleaned up the registry and/or deleted all nvdiea related files i think it cause there was so registry error that's why not it doest happen that thing has nothing to do with switchable graphics thing .. now only thing is that my nvida card is not being detected.. so would a windows reinstaller fix it? if its hardware how do i check to confirm like graphics card in laptop is integrated to the motherboard right? so how can i check and see myslelf if itsstill woking .. if the fan of the gpu is running meains its still works right?
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    You will not have a dedicated fan for laptop gpu you will have a heatsink over the chip which would be moulded with the motherboard...If the screen issue was fixed after a registyr clean it should bwe some corrupt registry entries which is preventing your drvier from detecting the chip..A windows reinstall wouldn't hurt i guess...That should definetely sollve the issue if its becuse of registry errors...
  22. just download a fresh copy of win 7,whichever version you have licnse for...and note your product key down from the current installation(just google and you will find apps to detect product key of current installtion)..then take a 8 gb pen drive,download windows 7 usb creator from microoft,select the downloaded iso and create a bootable usb..Remember before you start don't forget to note the current product key down..
  23. umm another thing .. how do i re install Windows 7 without the cd?
  24. Np mate,hope everything goes smooth...
  25. alright awsome will do that thank you so much hope it helps i cant do windows reinstall now but i can do it the near future .. ill post here once i do it .. thank you again :)
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