3x pcie 3.0 @8x or 16x


Is there any existing or future solution that will support at least 3 native
pcie slots 3.0 @ 8x or 16x to have 3 r9 290 cards working together in crossfire mode ?

I currently have a 2500k on P67 motherboards, the cards runs at pcie 2.0 8x 8x 4x.

The current solutions uses an extra switch chip to bring the extra pcie 3.0 16x/8x support,
but the cpu's does not support it actually, this brings some latency.

The R9 290 uses the pcie slots to exchange data/sync (no external bridge).

I've seen that the future x99 supports multiples pcie nativealy on 2011-3 socket,
but only at 2.0 speed ?

And also, I do not want to spend money on an extreme cpu at 1000 euros/dollars,
just a regular i4 or 5 generation K unlocked.

Kind Regards,
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  1. X79 support up to 40 lanes so you can have pcie 3.0 at x8 for 4 pcie slots or x16 for 2. No cards saturate even x8 lanes yet.
  2. Thats' great, I couldn't find this info !
    Is it supporting the "old" i5 2500K as well (not haswell lol) ?
    I currently run it at 5 GHz on the asrock p67 fatal1ty board.
  3. oh, it is a 2011 socket, so of course no support for the 1150.
    I'm gonna check on second hand market for x79 cpu/mobo.Thanks for your answer.
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  4. mmm I found this; does that mean that current Intel CPU's does not support pcie 3.0 ?

    PCI-E 3.0 requires both a supporting CPU and motherboard at the same time. Currently Intel® Socket 2011 Sandy Bridge-E Processor doesn’t support PCI-E 3.0, but this motherboard is already PCI-E 3.0 hardware ready. It depends on Intel® CPU to enable PCI-E 3.0. Please check Intel® website for information on future CPU updates and releases.

    So I must make sure it is at least a Ivy Bridge CPU version, right ?
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    If you Google, you can see how the patch to go from pcie 2.0 to 3.0 on X79
  6. BTW, I have an X99 system and a titan x now ;-)
    I actually force pcie to GEN2 because on some boot, the titan x is not working at GEN3.
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